Billionaires All Agree: Life is good. has posted an article in which a number of high profile billionaires/multimillionaires have agreed that now is the greatest time to be alive.

The message in the article is positive. Things like: “In 1920 the average person spent 11 hours doing laundry each week, now it’s down to about an hour.” and “Global IQ has increased 3 points.”

But the irony of three extremely wealthy people saying “Everything is great!” isn’t lost on me. I guess it’s probably not really irony. That implies some sort of intent. I believe they’re simply blissfully unaware. There’s a special kind of ignorance that comes with wealth. You loose track of what it takes to survive when you’ve accumulated so much wealth that you can buy your way out of any situation.

During the last government shutdown in the U.S., Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross (who claims to be a billionaire) appeared to be completely baffled when federal workers went to food banks to feed their families. “I know they are, and I don’t understand why,” he said in an interview.

Yes. It truly is a great time to be alive.

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