Hold the Dark. Extra Mayo.

I just watched Hold the Dark and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I watched it non-stop from beginning to end and I honestly felt completely satisfied after the movie had ended. But later on in the evening after I went to bed, I was laying there trying to sleep and suddenly realized that I had no idea what the fuck I had just watched. Even now, several days later, I’m completely at a loss and totally unsure of what the movie was about. As far as I can tell there isn’t an actual plot.

I don’t know exactly what else to say about it, because I have no idea what it was about.

I was going to list some key points from a few scenes and give my take on them, but as I was thinking back on a few of the key scenes in this movie, it occurred to me that you could theoretically rearrange almost all of them and this movie would still make exactly the same amount of sense. That fact just leads me to even more confusion. What is it about? Why on earth would you produce a movie in which could you theoretically jumble 95% of the scenes around in any order and it would still essentially be the same movie?

Okay — enough questions. My conclusion, cheap as it may be, is that this movie simply demonstrates that a bunch of weird shit can happen; that all this weird shit can be completely unrelated; that no matter what you do, or how you look at, you simply will not be able to make sense of it. This movie is a dark poetic take on life itself. The mystery, the uncertainty, the randomness, pain, love, loss. They throw it all right square in your face, and just when you think you’re about to be guided out of the maze, they take another turn and bring you deeper into it. But in the end, it’s just that. The end. It feels a little like this movie has prepared me for my inevitable end. I won’t be asking “why was I here” under my last breath, because I’ve already seen that movie and the answer is: no particular reason at all.

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