Pee-wee’s Big Holiday

One thing that makes Pee-wee movies so wonderful is the astonishingly insane level that they’re willing to take the gags. The lengths they’ll go to for successful execution of a joke can come across as everything from, weird and slightly creepy, to just plain silly and somewhat annoying. But it’s virtually guaranteed that at some point, they’ll take whatever it is much further than you could have imagined, and it’ll somehow be funny. Essentially, Pee-wee has mastered the art of wearing down your angry bitter side through pure repetition of ridiculousness.

As for Big Holiday? I’m not even sure I know what to say about a film like this. There’s enough to it, that we could technically sit and pull it apart, find the deeper meaning, draw parallels between the state of the world today and how it’s all reflected in Pee-wee’s Big Holiday. But why the fuck would we do that? Sometimes, things just need to be experienced; and even if I wanted to explain this movie to you (which I don’t) I wouldn’t really know where to begin. So instead, I’ve compiled a short list of reasons why I enjoyed this film along with a recommendation that you see it:

  1. The scene in which Pee-wee takes a photo of the woman at the airport.
  2. Pee-wee’s infinitely looped scream which occurs many times throughout the film,.
  3. The sonically wonderful balloon scene.
  4. The horse scene.
  5. All the other scenes.

Highly recommended.

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