The Crystal Method – The Trip Home

The Trip Home is an amazing return to The Crystal Method’s roots that slowly becomes an expansion into uncharted depths. This album gives you all the funky interplay between breakbeats and synthesizer parts with layered pads and ambient textures that you know and love, but gradually moves into Royksopp and early Moby ambient track territory with deep emotional pieces that’ll send a shiver up your spine.

If you follow The Crystal Method, you probably already know that the former duo is now a solo act with Ken Jordan (one of the founding members) retiring from the music business, leaving Scott Kirkland to keep things going on his own. For some groups, losing a member may be cause for alarm, but that’s not the case here; Scott’s Crystal Method is a spectacular return to the kind creativity that set them apart in the late 1990’s. This is one of those rare albums where it actually makes complete sense to purchase the entire album. If you’re a Crystal Method fan or a fan of good electronic music, please treat yourself to this electronic musical masterpiece.

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