The Guest

The Guest reminds me of some of the movies I would occasionally come across on premium movie channels in the middle of the night when I was a kid in the early 90s. What was I doing watching premium movie channels in the middle of the night, you ask? Probably hoping to catch some softcore porn (Is there still a market for soft porn? Like, is there a Softcore section on I wouldn’t know, because I never use the site.) But every so often during my softcore porn hunt, I’d end up being subjected to some damned fine cinema instead. I recall not appreciating it as much at the time, because despite being cool movies, they weren’t useful for rubbing one out.

The Guest has a good story line that keeps your attention through most of the movie and when it become a bit monotonous the solid directing and great acting will make up for it. A number of great fight sequences keep the pace moving and things get progressively weirder as the story unfolds. The movie has a surprisingly cool electronic soundtrack as well.

The premise of the movie is a mysterious “friend” of a killed in action family member shows up out of the blue to deliver the final dying message to the fallen soldier’s family, and despite the rest of the family not being sure about him, the mother of the dead soldier thinks he should stay the night, but he ends up staying much longer. Eventually people start dying, and things get weird as fuck.

One of the things I love about this movie is the lack of any real explanation. Modern blockbuster movies are often afraid to anger the audience which will likely garner bad reviews, so they generally don’t take any storytelling risks or stray from the formulas that are known to generate revenue. This movie doesn’t tie everything up into a nice bow for you. It doesn’t go out of its way to explain what’s going on, you just have to figure it out — and it’s fun to do that.

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