The Overlooked Mental Illness of Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is a wonderful story with perfectly paced storytelling and razor-sharp technical accuracy. The actors play their parts profoundly and their performances often leave me extremely emotional, but not enough credit is given to the writing and producing that creates the moments of confusion and panic related to Elliot Alderson’s psychosis. The scene in the beginning in which some guy he doesn’t know pushes him off the ledge onto the beach below. The scene where he hits on his sister and tries to kiss her because he doesn’t recognize her as his sister, the scene where his sister has to explain to him that his dad didn’t push him out of the window when he younger — he jumped during a psychotic episode.

I’ve met a few people over the years suffering from mental illnesses similar to Elliots, I’ve run into people on the street who were clearly suffering from mental issues, and I’ve know people who’ve had experiences with loved ones that practically mirror the experiences that Elliot’s sister had with him.

I find it incredibly heartbreaking to watch Elliot’s mind unravel over and over again on this awesome TV show, but at the same time I see Elliot as a very brilliant and driven person who, through his own cleverness as well as the support of those who love him, manages to continue to excel despite his illness. I hope they keep him the way he is; and I hope all ends well for Elliot.

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