The Sicario Franchise

The Sicario movies were very entertaining. I recall being very surprised by the first one because I was expecting some more long and drawn out. But it managed to be visceral, full of action, incredibly dramatic (for what it is), and was actually quite poignant.

If you haven’t seen these movies, they are essentially about the war on drugs and how government agencies and corruption play a role in all of it on both sides of the US and Mexican borders. There’s plenty of violence being doled out by the cartels as well as the government-sanctioned mercenaries that the US hires for controlled burning, instigating wars among cartels, and other nefarious but necessary actions in the never ending war on drugs.

I enjoyed both of these films enough to not care about the fact that this set shouldn’t really exist as a franchise. Not because the first one wasn’t worthy of a sequel. It just felt like the original Sicario lost some of its sincerity and credibility the moment its sequel came into existence. But like I said, it doesn’t hurt anything at all. The second was just as good as the first and expanded on the two main characters in addition to bringing us additional intense violent goodness.

One surprising performance was the young girl. I loved the fact that she’s introduced to us when she’s in the midst of a schoolyard brawl with another girl. She’s such a tough kid, but she’s is ill-prepared for the world she gets thrown into, and her final scene a great callback to the poignancy we got in the first film’s ending. It’s a quiet, no dialog scene that gives you a reason to reflect on all of the violence you just got done absorbing for an hour and thirty minutes.

This is a good movie for when you’re looking for something that’s not completely mind-numbingly dumb but isn’t so heavy that you’ll question your own existence for a few hours after it ends and then fall asleep crying. It’s nice in-between. I highly recommend them both.

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