Whitelisting James Spader’s Blacklist

The Blacklist is a recent favorite of mine. It’s what I consider to be a one of my “comfort shows”. It has a cool storyline that centers around Raymond Reddington, the leading protagonist. I find Raymond to be oddly relatable and quite likable, despite the fact that he’ll shoot pretty much anyone at the drop of a hat. Raymond is one of the most wanted criminal masterminds in the world. He lives a spy-like existence with secret bank accounts, safe houses, and numerous contacts and trusted confidants all around the world. He uses these vast resources to help him work in the shadows and sometimes right out in the open, all while avoiding the authorities who want to stop him and the numerous other criminal elements who want kill him.

Raymond has a “blacklist” of people that have committed crimes that are so horrendous or damaging that he wants to rid the underworld of them. Though there’s usually a more selfish reason for getting rid of them. The show never strays from this formula. Each episode has a new person from the blacklist. There’s plenty of other dramatic filler going on, and there’s a subplot or two trailing along each episode to keep things interesting.

I love the fact that Raymond’s criminal background has brought him to places all around the world and he always has stories about different experiences he’s had, most of which usually involve food and alcohol or both. He’s very cultured.

It gets surprisingly heavy from time-to-time but it always comes back around with a little lighthearted criminal mischief. It almost always contains a suspense component too. It’s just a good all-round old school primetime type show. It’s the kind of show you can relax with. Sit back, have a cup of something warm or a taste of Scotch, and enjoy an episode of The Blacklist.

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